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EEK3 2020: A Simulation Game Which You Visit a Games Expo and Help some Known Faces...

EEK3: Virtual Show Floor is a simulation indie game produced by the very same community behind C.H.A.I.N. and the recent The Madvent Calendar, the crew of Haunted PS1, and released on his page on June 20 of this year. There's no plot, as you only visit a Horror Games Expo, and you are received by Skelly, the host of the expo and Community's Cover Boy. After the Welcome, you will know (or recognize) and help various familiar faces in your needs, and check out some game trailers that will be (or were) released this year.

Obviously, in terms of graphics, the game has something you can hope from the Haunted PS1 Community: visuals with low-poly models that respect deeply Sony's 32-bit console games, but with some pinch of horror.

About the gameplay itself, nothing more, nothing less than simple, as you only walk, look and interact. It's simple and functional inside the game's proposal, after all this game's a simulator and a parody of the E3 event, and really, that was an interesting move from the community, as we didn't have the E3 as we know due to pandemic.

But the most interesting thing (and the cherry on top) in this game was the characters presents at the expo: You can know and help some of them, coming from games like Alisa, Fatum Betula, Heartworm, Chasing Static, etc. Every one of them acts naturally and even makes reference to their original games, which makes this game an awesome thing.

EEK3: Virtual Show Floor is an interesting crossover, made with care and love by the Haunted PS1 community. It's a good opportunity to know the characters and the games they came from. It worth a lot for fans of PS1 or retro games in general. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link below:

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