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EMBEDDED: As a Photographer, Take Photos and Define Your Choices in this Simulation Game

Embedded is an indie simulation game in the first person produced by Joe Wise and with a prototype version published on March 12th this year, on the indie gaming platform In Embedded, you control Henry Morris, a retired photographer, who after receiving a message from his granddaughter, begins to recall his time working in the Vietnam War, taking pictures for a newspaper.

Embedded is a very interesting game because of its freedom of choice: you can choose to show the side of the Americans in the war, show the side of the Vietnamese, or show the two sides of the conflict, raising a healthy discussion for the player. In terms of visuals, the game features very simple graphics, but this in no way gets in the way of the experience.

The interesting thing is that Embedded resembles, in a way, Pokémon Snap, since you spend most of it photographing different points, editing and sending the pictures taken, but there is something more in this game: you interview the soldiers with a series of questions, which will influence the way the story is told.

Embedded is currently in the prototype stage. It is a game worth trying, and it shows that spectacular graphics are not always needed to tell a good and intriguing story. Check out the gameplay of the game by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, download it from the link below:

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