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EMBERANCE: Find the Solution to the Pending Issues of Your Past in this Survival Game

Emberance is an adventure and survival game produced by Wouter van Vugt and published on June 5th of this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In Emberance you control a girl who visits her childhood home (who mysteriously appeared) in search of a resolution to her past situations. You are looking to investigate the reasons and also a way to resolve such problems.

The game has a look that features retro influences, but with a more voxel-oriented style (which is a pixelated but 3d style). Your role here is more about finding items and keys to continue the story, which is the main focus here. The gameplay is very simple, you move and interact with the mouse.

The game is very short and can be completed in a few minutes. Check out the gameplay of the game on this link here and enjoy downloading it from the page below:

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