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ENDLING: A First Person Adventure Game about Choices, Freedom and Loneliness

Endling is an adventure and simulation game produced by Magnus Laursen, Marcus Grossen, Martin Hansen, Mathias Schifter, Nilas Røpke and Rickard Fernández Mossner, and published May 25 this year, and updated June 11, on the indie gaming platform "". The game doesn't have a set plot: you just control a character who wakes up inside a futuristic house, and is guided by the voice of a robot, which helps you discover the new place where you'll spend some time. During the process, you are blinded by a strong light, and end up waking up again the same way you woke up the day before, which creates a huge mystery about the house, the robot and the changes taking place there.

The game was produced as a final project of the team's course at IT University of Copenhagen, and it's very simple in all aspects: the graphics and the gameplay, where you just move and interact with the objects. Perhaps a negative point that is noticeable here is that despite the choices you make, they do not interfere so much in the plot, in addition to the lack of subtitles, as there are times when the robot's speech is difficult to understand.

Despite being short and having this negative point (in my opinion), for an end-of-course project, it is an interesting work. It would be great if they expanded and improved this whole game. Check out Endling's gameplay by clicking on this link here and download it from the page below:

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