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EVEN A WHITE ROSE CASTS A BLACK SHADOW: A Serious Interactive Game about Generational Trauma

Even a White Rose Casts a Black Shadow is a first-person interactive fiction and simulation indie game that was produced by Alexander Jenkins and published on January 4th of this year on the platform. The game presents a story involving a person tormented by a generational trauma and what his life was like living with it, from his childhood to his adulthood.

The game was produced in partnership with second year students at Media Design School, New Zealand, over a period of over two weeks. In graphic terms, the game is very simple, with a heavy focus on lighting, which contributes a lot to its gameplay: every moment of your life that you enter, when guided by a light, you must solve three puzzles, with one of them involves light and shadow (whoever played that Resident Evil 7 puzzle knows very well what I'm talking about here). The soundtrack is composed of classical music from the most varied composers, which are excellent and give the characteristic tone, matching the story, the character's drama and the monochrome visual that the game presents.

Perhaps the only problem here is the lack of subtitles. It would be a great idea because then it would be more accessible to everyone. Check out the gameplay from Even a White Rose Casts a Black Shadow and, if you're interested, just download the game. Just click on the respective links below.


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