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EXOLON: REDUX: Play as a futuristic soldier and face off against aliens in this DOS-inspired game.

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Exolon Redux is an indie MsDOS-inspired action platformer game developed by Ben James where you play as a futuristic soldier who faces different aliens with his space weapon and his superpowerful missiles in different levels full of otherworldly challenges and dangers.

The game has 2d visuals full of sprites and very well done colors that bring the feeling of playing games from the MSDOS era like Duke Nukem and other classic 2d titles, where you have a gameplay with intuitive movement, shooting and jumping commands and you have to follow always to one side, choosing several vertical paths that lead to new weapons or dangers with varying difficulties. It is possible to choose a path and escape from dangers and still earn points, as the levels are repeated with small variations.

In our gameplay, we reached level 104 and noticed that, from screen 100, the game repeats itself, making Exolon Redux a game that looks like an old game, but an excellent game.

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