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EXP: WAR TRAUMA: Relive the Post-traumatic Experience of a WW II Veteran in this Horror Game

EXP: War Trauma is a first-person psychological horror indie game that is being produced by Cortez Productions and does not yet have a set release date. In EXP: War Trauma, you play Krieger, a soldier who fought in World War II but suffers from post-war trauma, or PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). You participate in a mental experiment, and in that experience, you explore a mysterious apartment. Your objective is to use your instincts and intelligence to solve puzzles before they capture you.

The game features a style of psychological horror heavily inspired by the incredible (and unfortunately canceled) Silent Hills, known at the time as P.T. (Playable Teaser). The idea is the same here: you explore the same apartment over and over again, with crucial differences at each moment. Plus, there's an increase in the mood of tension and even jumpscares, which makes for a vividly frightening experience. The graphics are very well produced, almost bordering on extreme photorealism. The plot is built as you listen to radio messages, read documents and even re-experience some moments of Krieger's memory, increasing even more the immersion.

The game is very short and can range from 15 minutes to even an hour, depending on how you solve the puzzles. So far, the game features a demo on the Steam page, which is accessed upon request. EXP: War Trauma is highly recommended for all those who have experienced P.T., but missed something on the same level. Check out the gameplay and download the demo from the links below.




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