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Far Away: An Pixelated Horror Game Which You Are Lost in a Forest Full of Rituals

Far Away (also known as Far Away, Pixel Horror) is a horror indie game with a few elements of action that has your demonstration released on November 10th and has your full version planned to be released on December 1st of this year. Here, you control a guy that sees itself involved in a horror spiral involving a mysterious forest, a cabin, and a cave, that apparently torments him even in your routine life. In terms of graphics, the game presents a pixelated style very simple, similar to games like Distraint. About the gameplay, you can walk, shoot with the left mouse button and interact with objects and people with the “E” key. The soundtrack is full of ambient sounds, with dissonant tons, everything well organized to give the immersion on the horror that the game wants proportionate. The demo version is very short and has a duration of 5-10 minutes, consider that as a taste for when comes to the complete version of the game and, finally, being well enjoyed. Check out the gameplay right here and click on the link below:


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