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FARSIDE: Walk Across a Strange, Hostile Planet in Search of Human Colony in this Action Game

Farside is a 2D action-adventure indie game that is being produced by RaineWoo Studio and that does not yet have a set release date, as it is in the development stage, but a prototype of the game was published on the Steam platform on January 19th this year. In the game, you control a pilot of a spaceship that, after a breakdown, ended up crashing on an unknown planet, full of strange creatures. With few resources in hand, your goal is to reach a colony of humans to finally be rescued.

For a 2D action game prototype, I would say that the only problems to be fixed here would be the HUD located in the upper left corner of the screen, as it is too simple, and the various bugs related to movement, such as elevators and related to the Dash that the player does. Apart from that, we have an incredible game here, with a 2D look of very well worked (and apparently handmade) scenarios, which collaborate in harmony with the 3D sky. It is impressive to see the sun coming and going, along with the clouds that form a storm at a given moment in the scenario. It was a great choice on the part of the developer here.

In terms of gameplay, Farside offers you two options: one with Mouse + Keyboard and one with controller. I was able to test in both modes and, for me, strangely, Mouse + Keyboard comes out cool, because there is greater dynamics, but it is the most buggy, especially when the Dash movement is used. There have been situations where the Melee command stopped working after that. But apart from that, it's very democratic with the player.

Undoubtedly, this is a very interesting game, worth testing and checking out. Farside has excellent potential and causes some anxiety to see the game in its full form, given how impressive it is. Check out Farside's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the prototype on the Steam platform, just click on the respective links below.


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