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FASHION POLICE SQUAD: A Doom-style FPS game with fashion agents who fix unfashionable people.

Fashion Police Squad is an indie FPS game based on the Doom engine developed by Mopeful Games and published by No More Robots where you play as a fashion police officer looking to fix the city of baggy pants, dull suits, sightings of socks with sandals using weapons ranging from color shotgun, sewing machine to a multipurpose belt.

The game has good graphics, with the use of spriteart on enemies, weapons and characters and a 3d backdrop with a good aesthetic. In addition there is the presence of music, sound effects and grunts that represent the sound of the characters speaking.

The challenge is good, with moments where you need to use the right weapon for each different type of enemy, secrets on the map and moments of platforming with the use of the belt.


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