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FATAL RUNTIME: Fight Against a Virus and an Unknown Threat in this Horror Game

Fatal Runtime is a psychological horror created by Burgerphones and released on December 8th of this year. In this game, you are Bowie Law, a Head Nurse that goes to Emerald Hospital for one more night shift. She is an expert in virtual diseases and brain damages cases and, by examinating four patients that suffer from these problems, finds out a vírus that becomes an enormous challenge that goes beyond her abilities.

Right off the bat, we see that the game has some similarity to EarthBound (Mother, on Japan), and there is where the similarity ends. The game is not a turn-based combat RPG, but a psychological horror that uses and abuses glitches and sound effects that goes out of standards.

In here, you progress by trial and error, cuz it seems that there is an order to what the world we begin to enter first. But this doesn't mean that the game is bad, on contrary, by adding EarthBound, Psychological Horror, and a Cyberpunk World (that, by the way, have been a great tendency in these last years) we have a game that is crazy, bizarre and awesome at the same time.

Despite the game being short and no having some action, the mixture cited above makes Fatal Runtime worth to be played. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download this game on the link below.

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