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FEED ME BILLY: A Short Horror Game Which a Serial Killer Needs to Feed an Living Hole in Your House

Feed Me Billy is a short indie horror game that was produced by Puppet Combo as part of an anthology, titled "Scary Tales Vol. 1", published October 12th, 2019, and updated July 13th, 2020. In Feed Me Billy, you are... Billy, a serial killer who lives in a dirty house and who needs to kill people to feed a strange living hole that has appeared in one of his rooms.

Like the other three games in the anthology, this one has a very retro aesthetic, low-poly look inspired by PSX games, packed in a VHS filter, which is a standard style of Puppet Combo (and Torture Star, which is a branch of the team). The gameplay is very simple, and typical of many first-person horror games. You can check out Feed Me Billy gameplay and, if interested, buy the anthology by clicking on the links below.


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