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FEED THE SYSTEM: Feed a Monster, Collect Its Eggs and Maintain the Status Quo of Your Community

Feed the System is a first-person survival horror indie game being produced by DerpyDogs and which had its prototype version published on February 10th of this year, on the platform. Feed the System puts you in control of a community member, who volunteers to go down to the underground to feed a creature that until now no one knows where it came from or what it is exactly. Your mission is to feed her with quality meat, wait for her to generate eggs, collect them and send them to the company responsible for the program, all this in the most discreet way possible because, if you are caught by the creature, you will end up becoming her food.

Because it's a prototype, I think more things will be added here. In visual aspects, the game has great graphics and good lighting management, including lighting is one of the aspects to be used within the gameplay, as you must at all costs avoid being exposed, thus preventing the monster from seeing you. If he sees you, you must quickly leave the place, and thus stop him from chasing you.

The game's function is simple: feed the creature, collect the eggs (both food and eggs you can take four by four, but this makes it too heavy to move or run away, due to the load), take it to a room where you place the eggs to be taken to the company and thus use the password that is released after completing the bar, to finally leave and fulfill the mission.

Check out Feed the System's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game's prototype by clicking on the respective links below.



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