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FINAL COUNTDOWN: Make the Biggest Mess in the Asylum in the Last Minutes of Your Life

Final Countdown is a short indie first-person simulation game that was produced by Lamamour, ValentinWB and plopy86 and published on April 4th of that year on the platform. Final Countdown puts you in the shoes of an elderly person practically at the end of your life. Upon discovering, after a series of medical tests, that you would have about a few minutes to live, he decides to live those minutes in the best possible way, that is, causing the biggest mess in the asylum he lived in.

The game features a really cool low-poly graphical look and simulation-focused gameplay: in the game, you interact with people and objects, and depending on what you do, there may be an increase or decrease of seconds in your lifespan. It's fun for the game's purpose (on the topic of death and its inevitability), but I believe there could be more going on, as a way of trying to prolong your time bar. An example would be a way to earn points and hi-score by doing this. The game could remain short, but with potential.

You can check out Final Countdown's gameplay and, if you're interested, you can download the game by clicking on the respective links below.


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