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GAME FOUND: Witness the Last Moments Before a Cataclysm that Devastated an Entire Neighborhood

Game Found (aka The Game Has no Name) is a short indie survival adventure first-person video game produced by Jivapeira and published on January 22nd of this year, on the platform. The game itself is very strange, as is its plot: it is a situation that happened in Spooky Town, more precisely on Dark Alleyway St. An investigation there showed us that the entire place was completely destroyed and the victims were unrecognizable. The only thing that remained largely intact was a video game produced by a developer who lived there. According to investigators, there are suspicions that the developer was trying to destroy evidence but was caught in some strange event, which caused the destruction of the site.

As if the plot weren't bizarre, the game itself is more: you wake up indoors, in the middle of the night and are faced with strange events and apparitions, such as figures and voices. The graphics part of the game has a similar style to cel-shading, which was very interesting. The gameplay is very simple and doesn't require much difficulty to learn, in fact, you get the hang of it in a few seconds. What makes me curious is that such a strange game is made by Jivapeira, who created interesting things like NonZero, The Creation and Operation Polar Express. I hope this game is just a kind of rehearsal, because despite the strangeness, it has the potential to be something much more worked on in its narrative.

It remains to be seen what will come out of it. In the meantime, check out the Game Found gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game by clicking on the respective pages below.


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