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Updated: Jan 18

Gaming With Tomomi is a first-person horror game developed on Roblox where you play as a young man who needs to stream to survive. However, the game he agrees to play seems to hold bizarre secrets.

In Gaming With Tomomi we have a kind of streamer simulator with a first-person horror game where any wrong decision can result in one of the game's 12 endings where some make some sense, others not so much, since all the matches are short and not There seems to be a lot to explore in the game. Even so, it is possible to have some fun, in addition to the appearance of Youtuber Manlybadasshero, and use your creativity to discover the endings yourself.

Check out all the Gaming With Tomomi endings below.

Check out the Gaming With Tomomi gameplay (Ending 11)

Check out the Gaming With Tomomi gameplay (Ending 12)

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