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GHOSTRUNNER 2 - Download Game

Ghostrunner 2 is a frantic sci-fi FPS game developed by One More Level where you play as a cyber ninja in a futuristic world with a cyberpunk theme where you become the ultimate ninja in bloody battles, full of gore and high-speed abilities.

In the Ghostrunner 2 demo build you can try out several of the game's mechanics, including fast-paced battles, where you will have milliseconds to decide your next move or have to restart the action from the last save state and different levels of challenge with enemies that shoot , who hit and who attack by surprise. In addition, there are small puzzles and interactive parts of the scenery that, if used well, create a very explosive action scene.

The visuals of Ghostrunner 2 are good and feature a lot of light and shadow effects, as well as very solid and detailed 3D models, with emphasis on the motorcycle riding part that becomes a true high-speed action game while destroying cores, escaping of lasers, jump to other tracks and even run upside down.

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