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GLITCHED: A Runner Game Where You Must Cross a Track Full of Deadly Obstacles in a Short Time

Glitched is an indie action and runner game produced by Avanic_Insanity and published on on April 12th this year. There is no plot in Glitched: you are just thrown on an obstacle course and you must go from one point to another passing them, dodging lasers and turrets, all in the shortest possible time.

Apparently, its gameplay is more focused on arcade style, or on speedruns, where the idea is to overcome obstacles and reach the end in the shortest possible time. The controls are simple, as well as the graphic and musical part of the game. The perspective, perhaps, is the most interesting point of the game: you can change between third and first person, probably decreasing or increasing the game's challenge.

Glitched is very short and can be completed in a few minutes. Perhaps there could be more different obstacle courses to ensure longevity to the game, but then it just depends on the developer. Check out the gameplay of the game by clicking this link here and take advantage, if you are interested, to download it from the link below:

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