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GO! GO! HAMSTER CHEF - Download Game

Hamster Chef is an indie horror short game developed by Matt Henry, MetaArcade, FridgeCrisis, Liam Higley where you play a friendly Hamster cook who caters to his neighbors with delicious recipes. However, there are requests that require rarer ingredients that can only be obtained outside the village.

The game is inspired by games like Animal Crossing with its cute environment and charismatic characters and has visuals from 64-bit era games with low-poly 3D characters and bright colors.

The gameplay consists of cooking orders made by your neighbors using ingredients that can be found inside and outside the village. But it's out of town that the Go! Go! Hamster Chef shows off his horror element by including typical survival horror as he picks up the rarest ingredients for his recipes.

Check out the Go! Go! Hamster Chef gameplay

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