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GRIEF: A Puzzle/Psychological Horror Game about Grief and Loss

GRIEF is a short indie puzzle game with a touch of psychological horror that was produced by malmerida and was published on February 16th of this year on the itch.io platform. GRIEF apparently doesn't have a specific plot, although its developer claims that yes, it does, and that it's a very personal thing and, according to him, he hopes that people who play it will discover what he's trying to express in the game. . Your objective here is simple: you find yourself trapped in a hospital hallway, with a lifeless body trapped in a loop. Your goal is to find a way out of this loop.

The game features well-made graphics and quite simple gameplay: basically you walk and look everywhere. Events unfold according to the way you look. The game features three endings, which take place from your choices. Now, my opinion about the events of the game: apparently, GRIEF is about how to face the grief and loss of a loved one and, by the way the game leads, you control someone who tries to fight to accept all that and move on. At least that's what it looked like to me.

You can check out GRIEF's gameplay and, if you're interested, try the game, just click on the respective links below.


ENDING 1 (EMBRACE): https://youtu.be/E93Tvz9alzw

ENDING 2 (LIGHT): https://youtu.be/yNxgY7rFtP8

ENDING 3 (PIT): https://youtu.be/vOdheOeW2_U

DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE: https://malmerida.itch.io/grief

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