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GROVE: NOSTALGIA'S END: Explore Vapor City and its Surroundings in this Retro RPG Full of Attitude

GROVE: Nostalgia's End is an indie roleplaying game that is being produced by James Sloan and will be distributed by Primitive Pixels Games, but with no set release date. The game only has a demo version that was published on March 2nd of this year. In GROVE, you are Alex, a simple guy trying to get on with his life in the strange Vapor City, a den of evil and corruption. One day, he gets a message from Eddie, his best friend, asking him to see him at the record store. Upon arriving there, Eddie shows a mysterious record, from someone known only as GROVE. During the performance of the record, Alex is mentally visited by GROVE himself, who says he will meet him in town soon. From that day forward, Alex and Eddie's lives are about to change forever.

GROVE is being made using RPG Maker as the main Engine, but unlike many games produced on it, this one is interesting: starting with the use of "videos" at times, something certainly inspired by the PSX's classic Final Fantasy. Here we have a 16-bit style game, with each character having their own personality and look, in addition to the strong inspiration in 90's pop culture, which ranges from video games to VHS movies. The soundtrack is superb, featuring an incredible curation of styles, ranging from Synthwave to the purest Heavy Metal, and even classic JRPG tunes.

In addition, the game has sidequests, which greatly increases the replay factor and, it seems, the game is intended to be a massive adventure, with huge maps full of locations and secrets to explore. The gameplay is the same as in many RPGs of the genre: you have a turn-based combat system, where each character has a time bar, allowing his turn, and a menu with attacks, skills, defense, items... good old style combat from classic RPGs.

Undoubtedly this has the potential to be a fun and excellent game. We can only wait for more news or for the release of the game itself. In the meantime, you can check out the gameplay of GROVE: Nostalgia's End and, if you're interested, download the demo, which can be found on the platform (the game will be released on Steam as well), just click on the respective links below.


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