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GUÀISHÒU 怪兽: An Atmospheric Horror Game Where You are Not Safe from Lurking Monsters

Guàishòu (which means "monster" in Chinese) is a 2D atmospheric side-scroller horror indie game that is in the Prototype stage, being produced in only 4 months. Because of that, there is no plot here, you are only a guy that has a lightning gun and you must survive by killing bizarre monsters that chase you.

In terms of gameplay, there's no much to say here. You only control with the "WASD" keys, interact with the "E" key, use the mouse to aim, concentrate the spread by holding the right mouse button, and uses the left mouse button to shot. The most interesting thing here is the scenery itself: the game visual is pixelated and so much dark in some parts of the area. This captures the feeling of apprehension, as well as the thrilling mood, and makes your effect because you don't know what the threat comes. My congrats to the creators that have worked with this game.

The commands respond very well and the soundtrack is full of percussions and sound effects that play during the gameplay, as well some tons that combine so well with the game. Despite being a prototype, Guàishòu has a good potential to being better developed and, after all, being a great horror game. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here, and check out the demo right now by clicking on the link below:

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