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HEAVENSLINGER: a devilish gunslinger seeks vengeance on angelkind for destroying her home.

Heaven Slinger is a fast paced first person shooter game developed by The Cult where you play as a fiendish gunslinger who seeks revenge against angels who destroyed your home using your ability to turn invisible and your arsenal of weapons that have infinite ammo.

The game has 3d visuals with 2d assets, where the scenes are three-dimensional, but the enemies are 2d, with handmade drawings and animations, as well as the cutscenes between the scenes. These range from difficulty to final scenario where you face the final boss.

The game has a mechanic where your weapons have infinite ammo, but there is a reload time. As you have new weapons, you can manage the use of weapons in order not to go too long without shooting. Each enemy also has its own pattern where it will require different response time.

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