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HERE IN THE BACKROOMS: A Survival Horror Game Inspired By The Backrooms With A Creepy Creature.

Here in the Backrooms is a analog first-person survival horror indie game being developed by Broken Arrow Games and which had its prototype published on February 2nd of this year, being available for download on the platform. The game was inspired by the famous Backrooms Creepypasta, as well as the homonimous Kane Pixels-produced video for YouTube, and the premise shares similarities with the Slender games: you walk through a huge maze with the aim of collecting eight pages, and you need to do it quickly, as there is a menacing monster lurking around, looking to kill you.

The game itself, being very straightforward, is very simple, and works very much in the same vein as Slender games, especially the first one, released in 2012/2013: Here in the Backrooms is basically a walking simulator, but horror: its only objective here is to go through the maze and collect the eight pages while hiding from the monster. The graphics are well done, with an interesting look where you see everything through a broken lens. You can check out Here in the Backrooms gameplay on our channel. If you're interested, you can also download Here in the Backrooms game on the page. You just need to click on the respective links below.

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