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HITFLESH!: Unravel the Mysteries that Surround a Haunted MMORPG in this Horror Game

Content Warning: The Teaser Demo and the game contains MATURE LANGUAGE, REFERENCES TO SEXUAL VIOLENCE, REFERENCES TO VIOLENT BEHAVIOR (bullying, harassment, physical violence) and REFERENCES TO MASCULINISTS VIOLENCES (taken from page)

HitFlesh! is an indie adventure and action game with horror touches that is being produced by Virtual Archaeologist and that still doesn't have a set release date, however a demo version of the game was published on May 24th, 2021, and was updated on February 26th this year, on the platform. In HitFlesh!, you have in your hands an old MMORPG of the same name, which, although it has been offline and abandoned for decades, has mysteriously begun to welcome new players, reinvigorating it. However, you have heard about alleged reports on the internet, which talk about flaws in the game's programming, allowing many people to access secret maps and about harmful behavior in the community. Now it's up to you, who also joined the game, to discover the veracity of it all.

The game features very well produced graphics, with strong inspiration not only from PSX games but also from many 3D PC games from the late 90's, with low-poly visuals and serrated graphics. The gameplay is also very good, although it has a problem with the movement commands (instead of WASD, it was a mess), which leaves me in some doubt, if it was a mistake in the game, or if it's purposeful for the atmosphere of broken and dead game present here.

Otherwise, HitFlesh! seems to be a very interesting game, with a strong narrative and political focus and with a nostalgic look. You can check out the gameplay of the game and, if you are interested, download it. Just click on the respective links below.


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