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HULDUFÓLK: A Short Horror Experience About an Archeologist and the Faroese Folkore (PC) 5MG

Huldufólk is a thriller and horror indie game published by RBD Interactive on November 26th of this year and is part of the "Folk Horror Game Jam" event, that is focused on indie horror games inside the Folk thematic. The game tells about an archeologist that was hired to investigate a cavern, in the search for ancient artifacts. Being there, he is hosted in an Inn to pass the night, and during a conversation with the local owner, he learns about Huldufólk (Hidden People), a Faeroese folklore about corpulent beings that hate electricity, cross, and churches.

The game itself is very short and is focused on a more narrative aspect. The graphics are similar to the first PlayStation games style, with low-resolution textures and low-pol models, the Soundtrack, as well as voice acting, are so average (It's my opinion, by the way), and the gameplay is simple and sufficient inside the game's time and proposal: you can only move and use the mouse to interact.

There is, certainly, no more to talk about Huldufólk; is a simple game and on experience that, at least, can move some gamers to have an interest in European folklore and Mythology. Check out the gameplay right here and download the game by clicking on the link below:

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