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HUNGRY LAMU: A Horror Game With A Mysterious Hungry Llama.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Hungry Lamu is a horror game developed by Kulu that tells the story of a cute llama who is hungry and goes in search of food. However, food is your friends and what's more: the Llama isn't as cute as it looks when you wake up looking for your friends in a dark forest.

The game is divided into two parts: a part with 2d gameplay and graphics where you explore a colorful forest and the second part which is a 3d survival horror where you explore the same forest, at night, with the help of a flashlight. Something very similar to games like Bonnie's Bakery that make the break from something cute and colorful to dark horror in first person.

Check out the Hungry Lamau(Ending 1)

Check out the Hungry Lamu (Ending 2)

Check out the Hungry Lamu (New Ending)

Download Hungry Lamu Horror game

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