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HUNGRY SHADOW: Escape From A Strange Creature That Inhabits The Shadows In This Survival Puzzle game

Hungry Shadow is a short horror puzzle game developed by R_Goulart, who developed games like Agnolita and Hexblade, where you play as a scientist in a space colony laboratory and try to escape a creature that lurks in the shadows and is hungry. Now you need to manage time and light to get out of the place alive.

The game has 2d visuals with top-down gameplay where you walk through a board where you have to activate the light of the place and get to the other side before the light goes out and the creature appears, avoiding, during the few seconds of darkness , touch a block on the ground marked by the strange creature's attacks and be instantly killed.

Hungry Shadow requires a lot of knowledge of each area and fast movement while walking with the light on. Even with the light time running out, it is still possible to walk a little in the dark and reach the exit door. However, avoid contact with the floor with the creature's marks.

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