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I CAN'T REMEMBER: Walk Through a Strange Dimension in Search of a Number in this Horror Game

I Can't Remember is a short psychological horror indie game with platform and puzzle touches, which is produced by chesiq and nastynastia for Ludum Dare 49. A prototype game jam version was published on October 4th of this year, on the platform of indie games The plot of I Can't Remember is pretty simple: you wake up in a strange place, and you only remember two things: the first is that you were being a test subject for a nuclear collider launch test, and second, you are trying to remember a certain number. Added to all this, pictures of a little girl are everywhere, in addition to a strange entity chasing her. It's up to you to find out what's going on and how to get out of there.

The game was produced for a game jam within 72 hours and, according to them, the prototype contains stage 3, considered the final part of the game. In terms of graphics, the game has an aesthetic that seeks to emulate the look of several PSX games. The gameplay is pretty simple (you just run, jump, and interact), but the highlight here is the entity. She will be chasing you all the time and, like many strange objects around the scene, you lose energy being too close and looking at them. The key is simple: you must look away from everything here if you don't want to die, including the entity that, when it gets close to you, will do everything to be seen.

As this is a game produced for a game jam, what we have here is just an appetizer for the final version. The look is cool and bizarre and the gameplay is simple but functional within the proposal. We can only wait to play the full and finished version, as soon as it comes out. Check out the gameplay of I Can't Remember by clicking on this link here and if you are interested, download the game by clicking on the page below.

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