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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

"The Mutated Reality is a first-person thriller indie game created by Figglewatts and Fiona Sangster that tells a story of a mining area that exists in some place of the world. You, as the protagonist, wakes up in this area and, despite some warning signs telling you to run out from there, you keep walking until you find an elevator that leads you to a tunnels net. And is there where the thriller begins: You, as having a single flashlight, must go deeper into the tunnels and uncover the reasons why this place is abandoned.

The game presents a visual that remembers the PS1 era games, with polygons and low res models. The commands are basic, allowing the player to walk, run, jump, crouch, hold things and turn on/off the flashlight. The soundtrack is ambient-based and holds on a thriller that runs the game. The most interesting thing about this game is, as many first-person terror games rely so much on the famous jumpscare feature to brings fear, In "The Mutated Reality" occurs apparently the opposite: the game brings fear using the own ambient where the player is inserted, making it more immersive and credible.

Until this moment, the game finds itself on the demo version. You can see the gameplay right here and download the demo by clicking on the link below:


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