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THE MUTATED REALITY: A Horror Game about an Abandoned Mine with Terrible Secrets to be Revealed

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

The Mutated Reality is an indie simulation and terror game in the first person produced by Figglewatts and Fiona Sangster, with two demo versions released: the first on August 31, 2020, and the other on March 14 this year, both on the platform of indie games "". In The Mutated Reality, you are in a mining area located, apparently, in the middle of nowhere. Despite the various signs and warnings, warning potential invaders not to enter the mine, you decide to explore the site. This takes you to a network of tunnels, filled with dark and terrible secrets that should not be discovered.

The graphic part of the game is excellent, in my opinion. The look, use of serrated polygons, low resolution and textures are similar to that used in games on Sony's beloved 32-bit console, the PlayStation, or PS1. The gameplay, as in any other indie horror game that you find in "" for the most part, is simple: you have simulation elements in demo 1 and an added object attack in demo 2. The part of horror is more atmospheric here. The Mutated Reality is not attached to jumpscares like in other indie games of the genre: here the horror is more due to the noises, tension, and darkness present in the environment from the moment you descend the elevator towards the mine tunnels, which brings an incredible immersion here.

So far, The Mutated Reality is in the development phase. Check out the gameplay of demo 1 (with three chapters) by clicking on this link here, and also the gameplay of demo 2, containing chapter 4, entitled "The Apparatus", here. If you are interested in playing them, you just need to click on the two links on the game page below, containing the respective demos.

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