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JANITOR BLEEDS: A Horror Game where an Arcade Machine brings an Unknown Horror on Real World

Janitor Bleeds is a first-person horror game produced by Korpus (in addition to ThogeTG, piupii, norsunkieli and tammukka) and with a demo version published on February 9th of this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In the game, you find yourself in the middle of the road and your wanderings take you to an old abandoned arcade store. Upon entering there and exploring the place, you encounter a mysterious game, called JANITOR. You realize that this machine is the only one that is working in the entire store, so you take the opportunity to play a little, but in a short time, you realize that this game is not an ordinary game, and that it has influences in the real world, and worse, you soon find yourself having to flee from an unknown force, coming from the game. The only way to survive this force ... is by playing the game.

In terms of visuals, the game is influenced by PSX, Sony's classic 32-bit console. The gameplay is simple and typical of many indie games of the genre. However, the way to play here is interesting: in a kind of "Inception" in the form of a video game, you need to play the game to be able to open paths in your world, and even to receive keys, once trapped within the game, to open the doors locked. That is, you can only make progress by interacting both in the real world and on the arcade machine.

Just because of the "Inception" proposal presented here, is already worth playing this game. It is worth remembering that the game is still in the development stage, so we will have to wait for the full version to come out. Check out the gameplay of Janitor Bleeds on this link here and take the opportunity to download the demo on the link below:

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