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Jessie Jaeger in CLEOPATRA'S CURSE (Mega Drive / Sega Genesis)

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Jessie Jaeger in Cleopatra's Curse is an indie game for Mega Drive / Sega Genesis under development on Kickstarter where you control a little girl inside Cleopatra's crypt in search of artifacts. The style of the game is the famous metroidvania where you get new items to break new ground. Graphically the game is beautiful. The sprites, although a little small, are well made and show some care with figures very characteristic of Egyptian mythology. Like beetles and horus. The game's color palette also looks well selected. The game's sound consists of tracks with a good melody and a musical intention of mystery and danger. The game also features voice samples and sound effects. In this regard, despite being a demo game, it is well developed. The gameplay comes down to platforms, acquiring items and new skills and using them on the game map to acquire new accesses. You have buttons for map, pause, jump, and action button. The challenge is due to the traps, enemies, and obstacles well-calculated within the scenario. The fun is high in Jessie Jaeger in Cleopatra's Curse. The game requires a little team and correct use of the skills acquired as well as precise movements to pass without or little damage. Jessie Jaeger in Cleopatra's Curse is certainly a great title for anyone who likes a good dose of challenge, Egyptian themes, puzzles, and was looking for something new for Sega's 16-bit console. Jessie Jaeger in Cleopatra's Curse is on Kickstarter with versions for Mega Drive / Sega Genesis, Pc Engine, and PC Engine CD / Turbografx Super CD here.

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