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JIVANA: Use your Water Powers and Save Your People from a Cataclysm in this Adventure Game

Jivana is a third-person indie adventure game produced by RUBIKA and published on October 1st this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In Jivana, you control Aélis, a pathfinder of a convoy that is on an exodus, looking for a place indicated by an old woman (and her grandmother) to protect themselves from a cataclysm. To guarantee the safe passage of the convoy, Aélis relies on her powers of water manipulation to shape nature, thus ensuring a safe path for her family to be saved.

The game was produced as a graduate work done by 11 people at RUBIKA, a private college specializing in Video Games, 2D/3D Animation and Design. Graphically, Jivana is very beautiful. The game features very well built scenarios, very colorful and with high resolution textures very well produced. The gameplay is very simple, with the option to play in keyboard and controller (although it is more recommended to play in controller). But what I consider a highlight of the project is, without a doubt, its soundtrack: composed by Nikita Pelvez, Alexia Knopp and Simeó Moure, the songs were very well crafted, observing every aspect of the plot and scenarios. The songs are relaxing during gameplay, and even epic in the final moments. In terms of music, I can safely say that Jivana was quite happy here, matching the beauty of the graphics.

But not everything is flowers, and Jivana has very serious bugs here. Perhaps what can be observed most here is in the dialogues: most of the time the lines are not harmonious with the written part of the dialogues, confusing some viewers even. Another problem is found in the game's options menu: the tab to modify both keyboard and controller control is not well organized, it lacks some options and to make matters worse, most of the times, when the options are accessed from the home screen, it doesn't there is no way out, except using Alt+f4 to close the game.

Despite the bugs, Jivana was a very well done job, considering that it's a graduation job. The beautiful graphics, combined with an excellent soundtrack, make this game a very incredible work. The game's production team is to be congratulated. It's worth checking out the little game, which can be downloaded on the page below. As for the gameplay, you can check it out by clicking this link here.

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