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KILL IT WITH FIRE: Kill Spiders with LITERALLY Everything You Find Ahead in this Action Game

Kill it With Fire is an indie simulation and action game in first person produced by Casey Donellan Games LLC and published on August 13, 2020, on Steam. In the game, you control a spider exterminator that wanders through time, space and suburbs (not necessarily in that order) that will use everything, absolutely EVERYTHING to kill these eight-legged freaks, from a simple clipboard to flamethrowers.

Don't be fooled by the game's simple idea: Kill it With Fire is extremely fun. The gameplay consists of the following objective: kill the spiders even if the entire house is destroyed in the process, and using whatever you have at your fingertips. At certain times you can attract spiders using snacks and even use energy, making time stop to kill spiders more efficiently. In addition, you will find upgrades during the phases to be selected after they are completed. In the game you use a scanning device to find the spiders that are hidden.

The look is low poly based, but done with quality. The soundtrack is very good, and combines very well with the style and even the comedy present in the game. Recommended for those looking for a fun game. Check out the Kill it With Fire gameplay, more precisely the demonstration called Heatwave, on this link here. And take the opportunity to download the demo, or buy the full game, on your Steam page below:

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