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LAZER LIZARD: Destroy, Annihilate, Kill Everything You See in this Action Game

Lazer Lizard is a short and fun 2D third-person indie action game that was produced by MattLovelace (and collaborators) and was published on December 30th, 2021, with an update received on February 10th of this year, on the itch platform. io. Lazer Lizard puts us in the shoes of... Lazer Lizard, a kaiju (Japanese name for strange monster or beast) who, during his conversation with his therapist, reveals that he feels an uncontrollable desire inside him and that he came for advice. His therapist gave him a very simple answer: DESTROY EVERYTHING. Now your role here is to spread chaos and terror through the streets, destroying and killing everything in your path.

Lazer Lizard must have apparently been inspired by the arcade classic Rampage, as the idea of ​​both is apparently the same: destroy everything in your path, including military vehicles. The game features a beautiful pixelated and colorful 2D style. The gameplay is quite simple, where you just walk, use a weak attack button, a strong attack button, another one to jump (in the sense of attacking, not just jumping) and another one where you shoot a blast of energy through your mouth. The destruction you cause feeds a bar that sits at the top of the screen, and when it completes, you enter "Shin Mode", where you, for a short time, become terribly dangerous, magnifying the destruction caused even more.

The game offers you the option to play either via keyboard or controller, in addition to playing on PC or Mobile (the latter not yet released). Check out Lazer Lizard's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game or even play it on the page, just click on the respective links below.



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