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LEATHERFACE: SHADOW OF MASSACRE REDUX: See a New Story Through the Eyes of a Killer and His Victims

Leatherface: Shadow of Massacre is a short indie third-person survival horror game produced by Stefano Cagnani and published on January 29th of this year on the platform. According to Cagnani, this game is a remastered and optimized version of the first version produced by him, and just like Shadow of Leatherface, you once again embody Bubba Sawyer, or Leatherface for fans, in addition to the victims of the serial killer, in a cinematic experience inspired by the famous slasher horror franchise The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Once again we have a very nice work by Cagnani. The game has a very simple gameplay, which only contributes to the progress of the narrative. In visual aspects, the game is very well made, at times getting to the point of thinking that it is one of those triple AAA games that is so well produced, and that's if we take into account that it was produced by a single person.

Check out the gameplay of Leatherface: Shadow of Massacre and, if you are interested, download the little game, just click on the respective links below.


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