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LEFTOVERS: Deliver Food to the Most Quirky and Creepy Neighbors You've Ever Seen in this Horror Game

Updated: Jun 4

Leftovers is a first-person indie adventure game with touches of horror that was produced by RealImpact and Skekarin and published on October 23th this year, on the indie gaming platform In Leftovers, you are a boy who lives with his mother on the top floor of a building. She made dinner, but realized that she ended up making more than necessary for both of you. And that's where you come in: her mission is to deliver the leftovers to the neighbors in the building. There's just one problem: you've always heard from your mom not to talk to strangers, and your neighbors are pretty quirky and creepy people. You must come out of this alive and finish this task right before your mother dumps you...literally.

The game was produced for this year's Scream Jam, a game jam focused on horror games. What we have here is a very simple and short game: your objective is just to go from door to door (and sometimes solve a few small problems), delivering the food and going back to your apartment. Visually speaking, Leftovers has a mix of well-produced 3D environment with hand-drawn characters, in a really cool artistic style. The challenge level is very low: as it's a game jam game, it's okay to die here, because when you do (depending on your choices), you always go back to where you died, without losing anything.

Check out the gameplay and, if interested, download Leftovers by clicking on the links below.



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