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LIGHTBRINGER: Find the Shards of Eternal Light and Bring Hope Again to a World Covered in Darkness

Lightbringer is a short simulation third-person adventure game that was produced by Twop, MauricioH97 and MK Game Music within 12 days for Black & White Jam, which took place that year, and published on April 12th for the platform. Black & White Jam's theme is the creation of games that use two colors, and in Lightbringer this takes on an interesting tone: in the game, you control a light bearer, who comes to life in a world of dense darkness, as the Eternal Light it was torn apart and its pieces scattered across the lands. Your goal is to find the four pieces and save the world from this darkness, bringing the Eternal Light back to its great brilliance.

If I have to point out a negative point right away in Lightbringer it would be this: the little game has a lot of bugs (and how they do...), there are even bugs that end up locking the character and preventing the progress of the game, which is bad but understandable given the deadline they had to submit for the game jam. Despite this, it is interesting to see how well the game exploits the concepts of light and darkness and the white and black colors in its gameplay: you can recover your health bar by absorbing the lights, which can be obtained by killing the dark wolves and converting them into balls of light. These balls can also be used as a kind of guide to prevent you from getting lost on the way, since this is very easy and, in a world taken by darkness, your life will be drained little by little if you wander around for a long time.

The game itself has some potential. I hope the developers see this and make Lightbringer grow, as well as fix the bugs the game has. Undoubtedly it is a fun little game and deserves this care. Check out the game's gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, download it to try it out. All you have to do is click on the respective links below.



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