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LOST IN THE BATHROOMS: Escape from Toilet Head in This Analog Horror Game Inspired by The Backrooms

Lost in the Bathrooms is an indie first-person analog horror game with inspirations on the Backrooms game that is being produced and developed by Ken Forest and that had its demo version published on May 13th of this year, being available on the platform. In Lost in the Bathrooms, you wake up in a labyrinth full of bathrooms, equipped with only one lighter. Being in that place, you go through several corridors in search of an exit, and during this search you will find characters that can either help you, or kill you, depending on where you are.

If you have read this synopsis and you are already someone who has a certain frequency here on our blog, you must have probably imagined that, when reading, you got the feeling that you must have seen some of our gameplay or tried this game at some point. If so, you couldn't be more correct: the game is a huge Toiletrooms update, but with several changes, starting with the name, which was changed by popular demand. If we compare the two versions, we can see that Lost in the Bathrooms still has that aesthetic inspired by PSX games, but it abandoned that dry and shiny look of Toiletrooms and adopted a filter that simulates VHS tapes, something in fashion in many of these games. more in the retro style, in addition to the use of less brightness, leaving the game a little darker and terrifying, contributing more to the game's proposal.

Another difference found here is in the composition of the map itself: once without many walls and bathrooms and with a bit of linearity in the Toiletrooms version, here the thing changes to something that has a more direct inspiration from the Backrooms games: now you have a apparently large labyrinth, very easy to get lost. In addition, the use of stealth is well regarded here, and this is essential to avoid a direct encounter with monsters, which in the previous version did not happen (the monsters were always running stupidly after us). Another interesting thing here is that certain items are given to you upon completing certain tasks (an example of this is regarding the guy who is sitting in front of the burning barrel: now you have to fulfill a task for him instead of him just handing it to you the key to a door, as it was in the Toiletrooms version).

With new features, new graphical changes and a new name, Lost in the Backrooms has great potential compared to the previous version. There is an apparent increase in the level of challenges here, the graphics are very good and there is what seems to be a very interesting story construction, without leaving aside the mysteries surrounding the location. It will be interesting to see how this game progresses and how it will look when it's completely finished. You can check out Lost in the Backrooms gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, you can also play Lost in the Backrooms by downloading the demo on the page. The respective links are available below.

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