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LOST NOSTALGIA: explore scenarios and take pictures in this game based on the Vaporwave aesthetic.

Lost Nostalgia is an exploration game developed by MoonShot Group with a Vaporwave aesthetic where you wake up in a place with no memories with your friend. However, you need to send photos with your patented camera so that you remember who you are.

The game features graphics in the style of Playstation 1 games and is visually based on the Vaporwave aesthetic - a genre of music / art that incorporates meme-based visuals, from the early days of the internet, as well as Japanese and classical culture - with music of the genre and first-person gameplay. Here, in exploration mode, you travel through two scenarios where you can take pictures using your camera with three different lenses.

There is another game mode that requires another friend where it is possible to score points by giving "like" and "deslike" to objects in the scene.

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