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MALICE: Find a Way to Escape the Cave and a Supernatural Threat in this Puzzle/Horror Game.

Malice is a first-person horror puzzle game produced by eldritch and PixelFrOggie and with a demo version published on June 25 of this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In Malice, you traveled to Japan. You are visiting different places and, in one of them, you end up in a Shinto temple. What was supposed to be a casual visit, of cultural knowledge, ends up becoming a big problem when stepping on a damaged floor. The floor shatters, and you end up falling into an underground cave, where you discover an ancient mansion. The thing only gets complicated when you feel an evil and sinister presence, which haunts that mansion, and now you must find a way to escape the cave and this threat before it's too late.

The game has an excellent look, very well produced, and simple gameplay, but adequate within the game's proposal. In Malice, your role is to explore the old mansion and find a way out of the cave. For that, you'll need to solve the most varied puzzles, using clues found in notes left by the former owners and also in the rooms of the mansion itself. In some instances, you will need a tour guide, found at a point in the cave, full of Japanese cultural references.

Malice presents a good level of challenges, which make the player uncomfortable as time goes by. Some are even too challenging, such as the Shogi table. When you find the lost piece, you still have to solve the puzzle on the table to find an item. The puzzle is somehow related to a move called "Demon Slayer", which gave us a lot of work to solve (in my case, I even had to watch a gameplay video of the game, just to see how the puzzle was solved).

Anyway, the game is excellent and features a good dose of puzzles and horror, both psychological and supernatural. It has great potential to be an excellent game. You can check out Malice's gameplay by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, download the game by clicking on the page below:

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