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MAUSOLEOSIS - Download Game

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Mausoleosis is a 2D horror game made in RPG Maker and developed by A. V. Dossow where you play as David, a photographer who received a strange letter from his mother who passed away 20 years ago. Now David, motivated by the mystery, decides to go to the place of the letter to find out if his mother is really alive.

The game has a long gameplay, with a lot of dialogue and puzzles to solve. Furthermore, the map is extensive at times and requires long journeys between screens to access new areas. Still, Mausoleosis has interesting visuals, charismatic characters and a very well placed horror element with well-made moments.

Check out the Mausoleosis gameplay (Ending 2) Check out the Mausoleosis gameplay (Ending 3)

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