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MIDNIGHT 24: A RPG Game in Which You Recover the Lost Presents While Find Out Who Hit You

Midnight 24 is a Turn-Based RPG Indie Game created by BoneVolt and released on December 25 of this year. In the game, you are Santa Claus, who was heavily hit during your Christmas Work. Besides that, the presents which you carried were scattered around the map, and it's up to you to gather all of them according to the list that you get at the beginning of the game.

The game was made using PICO-8, a virtual console that emulates the severe limitations of consoles from the 80s. The game is a turn-based RPG, but the attacks are different from the traditional games because every one of the characters that you find during the game uses some characteristic powers and attacks, which remembers a lot of games like Paper Mario.

The visual is typical of retro games: pixelated, microscopical, and very charming graphics. The music is simple and average, which works well on the game.

The game, until this moment, is in the development stage. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link below (the same link which the GIF image came from, by the way):

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