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MIDNIGHT RUSH: Satisfy Your Growing Hunger by Killing Other Vampires in This Action Game

Midnight Rush is a short first-person action and survival game produced by chicogames and published on October 11th this year, on the indie gaming platform The game was produced for the GameJamPlus 21/22 event under the theme "Short/Addictive". Midnight Rush has no set plot: you are a vampire in a city of vampires. You feel a huge hunger and your goal is to run through the streets in search of food, thus allowing you to survive until the next day.

By being a "project" produced for a game jam, there's usually not much to talk about beyond the basics that the game presents. Midnight Rush follows a line of collecting as much as you can in the shortest time possible. Here you control a vampire who has an energy bar that is constantly dropping. The bar can be refilled in two ways: one is by feeding on other vampires who roam the city, and the other is by approaching houses with the inscription "bloody" on the front. Near them, just press the Spacebar and you'll recover your bar in moments. The graphics part is very cool, it features a mix of visuals and 3D movement with graphics, sprites and textures in pixel art, something similar seen in games like Megaman 8-Bit Deathmatch.

Despite being a project for a gamejam, Midnight Rush is a game that is not without fun. It would be interesting for the game to present more maps, more ways for our protagonist to feed, among other things. Check out the gameplay of the game by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, just download it from the page below.


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