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MOON RUNNER - Download Game (Steam)

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Moon Runner is a third-person Sci-Fi Horror game inspired by Death Strandin developed by Fractal Interactive where you play as an astronaut who is recruited to find monoliths that can restart the infrastructure of a small moon in space. However, surviving this mission will be a difficult task, as there is a strange presence in the place that corrupts the droids of the place.

The game has very good visuals (when they are at maximum quality) and become a little poor at lower resolutions, however, the experience of exploring a small moon is rewarding, as you really seem to be on a moon that orbits a planet similar to Earth. , with light variations and even the presence of a small spacecraft and other space events possible to observe at times.

The game has gameplay based on Death Stranding where you search for monoliths and deliver orders that generate credits for you to improve your arsenal and face the corrupted droids of the place and a final boss that is the core of the place.

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