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MOUTHWASHING - Download Game

Mouthwashing is an in-person PSX horror game developed by Wrong Organ (same developer of How Fish Is Made) where you play as a member of a crew that is stranded somewhere in space and has few resources to survive.

In Mouthwashing we have what is perhaps a direct continuation of How Fish Is Made and the link to the two stories consists of the character who here would be the captain of the team who, somehow, survived after trying to shoot down his own ship and is now surviving thanks to existing painkillers, which are close to ending.

Mouthwashing's visuals are excellent and the color palette, even in a critical situation, manages to convey some comfort, largely due to the sunset that stands out in the game during its almost 30 minutes of gameplay. Plus you have an incredible atmosphere and also a narrative that holds you from start to finish.

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