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MUE: Face Your Biggest Fears and Anxieties in a Strange Building in this Horror Game

Mue is an indie first-person survival horror game that was produced by UQAC and Benjamin Erb and published on May 26th this year on the platform. In Mue, you control Alicia, who wakes up in a strange building in the 19th century. Your wanderings there trigger frightening events, and you soon discover that the environment is nothing more than a distorted and ominous reflection of the course of your life. Now you must confront your worst fears (mostly the fear of getting old) if you want to survive the deadly perils of this building.

The first thing we cannot fail to mention about Mue is the graphics. In fact, Mue is one of the most beautiful games we've seen here on our channel. From the environment to the characters, everything is well done, with a certain degree of realism and impressive richness of detail. As for the gameplay, Mue has a more "walking simulator" behavior, with little interaction. To be honest, the biggest interaction occurs in the bumpers and triggers of the controller, where the L and R bumpers work for walking through small spaces, and the LT and RT triggers are for controlling breathing, when encountering strange events happening inside the home.

If I can raise a negative point here, it would be the language. Apparently the subtitles can only be seen in French. It would be nice if there was a way to change the language to English as well. Only time will tell. Another negative point is in its playtime. Mue is pretty short and can be completed in up to 20 minutes, depending on how you play. You can check out Mue gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, download Mue game from the page. The respective links can be accessed below.

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