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MULLET MAD JACK - Download Game

Mullet Mad Jack is an incredible fast-paced FPS game with an anime and cyberpunk theme developed by Hammer95 where you play as a lonely resident of a futuristic city who is called to be the protagonist and has the objective of rescuing the game's princess in a hardcore experience that puts you inside an anime.

In Mullet Mad Jack you have anime visuals with a mix of 3D scenarios and incredible, fast and frantic battles where you only have 10 seconds to survive and earn points by releasing a hormone that is only acquired as you defeat robotic beings with artificial intelligence while exploring the floors of a building in search of the missing princess.

The highlight of Mullet Mad Jack is really its look, which brings an 80s anime aesthetic and adds cyberpunk elements that refer to classics like Akira, but with a Cyberpunk 2077 feel but at a much faster pace, full of robots being blown up. or distributed with their weapons ranging from pistols to samurai swords.


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