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NAME OF THE WILL: a dark atmospheric 2D side-scroller set in a surreptitious futuristic world.

Name of The Will is a hand-drawn 2d adventure game developed by Zeitgeist Studio where you wake up in a strange dystopian - or not so dystopian - world in a strange apartment with a strange helmet and some sort of uniform. Your neighbors use the same with you, are highly obedient to a supreme entity and obey without exception all the rules imposed. However, you want to know the truth of this strange reality and it can be intimidating.

The game features hand-drawn visuals with several animated sprites and very elaborate cutscenes. It has a plot very similar to real countries and shows a kind of dictatorship where the inhabitants of the place cannot question anything and rely on an imposing being with a dragon's head. The game manages to create an atmosphere of psychological horror and also holds the player's attention to discover the mysteries of the place.

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