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NASTY LITTLE MAN: Find the Pieces of a Statue and Escape from an Evil Spirit in this Horror Game

Nasty Little Man is an indie horror game in the first person produced by Wes Does, gamewill, Lia and Midoski, and published on March 4, 2020, on the "" platform. In the game, you are trapped in a house, haunted by an evil spirit, which has come out of a statue. To make matters worse, he created several small puppets, scattered throughout the house. It is up to you to find the three parts of the statue and put them back on the altar to destroy the spirit, before the puppets transform it and place it at its height, then kill it.

The game has a similar look to PSX games. As far as gameplay is concerned, I will not extend it here: it is the same style typical of many horror games in first person, having a simulation aspect. The game is very short and can be finished in a few minutes. Check out the gameplay of the game by clicking this link here and, if you are interested in playing, you can download the game from the link below:

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